Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rhoumai = to draw to one's self, to rescue, to deliver

       Luke 1:74
   To grant us that we, being rescued from the hand of our enemies, Might serve Him without fear,  
 Sitting with my best friend in a local park talking about our future together. We watched a group of motley children at play and noticed these were not the ordinary children that one would come across. Our best guess were they were children that had been left behind or taken away from chromosome donors. We started talking about our past and different pains we had struggled through and wondered about our future. At that point I decided that I would help the hurting heart of little ones. We just had to wait until our children were old enough to understand and to be protected. My life has been about my children from choosing to live less then what most have so I could properly raise and love my own. It deeply scared me to think I would let someone else have so many hours to be with my babies so I could make a few dollars. My best friend/husband agreed that our children are more important then money will ever be. So I drive an older car and do not buy new clothes all the time. Now that our babies are graduating (going into missions and college) another a senior, and our baby starting a God centered middle school it is time for our lives to change and be challenged. We have taken in a 7 year old child and soon a 13 year old foster children. Our little 7 year old has made leaps and bounds. He eats ALL the time and want to know everything. He is intrigued about any type of mechanics and wants to help do everything. We have struggled with hour to two hour tantrums and many horrible nightmares. He is from a family of 8 children and he is the oldest.
    Right now the family is in the den watching The Adventures of TinTin and he is hiding behind my husband watching through the scary parts. But the laughing from this child is so glorious. He did not talk, did not smile, nor give any reaction to an adult before he came here. About two weeks into him living with us he accepted Jesus into his heart. At that moment I knew what we were doing was right.
    At the mention of visitation with his mother and father sent him back into the chaos of his previous life. The next day I felt as if all we have done had slipped away. Thankfully that only latest for a few hours and our little man came back. As I met a few of his siblings I saw that same blankness that same emptiness in their eyes as well. Is our society really going to support these adults that continually have children not work and collect bigger and bigger checks from our government? Is that really what we have chosen?